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CLICO Jabloteh
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University of South Caribbean
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CLICO San Juan Jabloteh

The CLICO San Juan Jabloteh Netball team is part of an organization called San Juan Jabloteh Sport and Cultural Organization.  The organization was established some 35 years ago, but the netball team is with All Sectors Netball League for just two years.

In 2009, the team placed 3rd in the March Past at the Opening Ceremony of the All Sectors Netball League and 1st in the Divisional Knock Out.  Our organization was very pleased with these results since it was our first year in the competition.  Our team is looking forward 2010.  We feel that our players are getting very good exposure

We like that All Sectors is well organized.  Umpires are always available and games are very seldom won or lost by default.  The games are very competitive especially in the Alternative Division.  Our players look forward to playing in this particular competition.

We feel though that the team winning the Alternative Division should be promoted to the Championship Division.  Some feel that there are teams in the Alternative Division for too long and that the Division is beginning to be less competitive.  Others complain that the Division is getting monotonous.

CLICO San Juan Jabloteh hosted a community netball league during the period May 9 – June 25, 2009.  We had teams classified in three divisions: Beginners, consisting of Primary Schools in the area, Intermediate and Advance.  Many of the teams were from the San Juan area.  A few guest teams also participated.  The league was very successful.  We intend to host it again this year 2010.

The San Juan Jabloteh Sport and Cultural Organization also takes part in football, cricket, and All Fours matches held in the community.

Our netball officials and contacts are
Coach: Veronica McDonald Nicoll
Manager: Judith Hospedales
Captain: Samantha James
Telephone: (868) 732 4559


Police Netball Team

The Police Netball teams have participated in the All Sectors Netball League for the past nineteen (19) years.  In recent years, we have participated in all three Divisions, the Championship, the Alternative, and the Retro.  The majority of our team members are serving officers in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.  Police netball teams were established in 1960 and they play in other Netball Leagues in Trinidad and Tobago.  The teams also sometimes participate in competitions in other islands in the Caribbean.

This year, 2010, the Championship team won the prestigious Jean Pierre Challenge trophy, and the Divisional Knock Out trophy in the All Sectors Netball League competitions.  We also placed second in the competition for the League trophy.

All of our teams appreciate that ‘All Sectors’ provide opportunities for us to play indoors and that the Season is short, just three months at the beginning of every year.  We also get a whole lot of crowd support at this venue, the Eastern Regional Indoor Sports Arena, as our supporters find the atmosphere appealing.  Usually, games start on time, so that one can plan properly around the time of the game.  In addition, many teams show the true spirit of sportsmanship.  There is a lot of structure and camaraderie in this League

We have often suggested the introduction of monetary prizes for winners in the league, but this has not yet happened.  In addition, we feel that there should be more teams in the Championship Division, which over the past few years has only had four or five teams.  Many of us feel too that the Retro Division seems too isolated, and that something should be done to have this Division more involved.

The work of police officers in the community varies depending on where one is placed, but generally, officers are involved in a number of different community activities including the coaching of netball in schools and in the community, and assisting with youth camps as administrators, coaches, and umpires.

The Police Netball teams certainly look forward to a long and sustained association with the All Sectors Netball League.

Our netball officials and contacts are
Manager: Sharon Blake Clarke
Captain: Joycelyn Huggins (Championship Division)
Telephone: (868) 736 9589

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